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  • Hugo Boss Glasses for Big Winners

    24 Jan 2022

    2020 year will be exciting, at least for a reason that it will be the Olympic Games year. We are so looking forward to it. It's also a game-changing year for sponsors as it was recently ruled that athletes are now allowed to advertise and give credits to their sponsors. Historically, only official sponsors for the Games were mentioned. It is an important change because many athletes raise money for their own training by themselves and it is hard to convince sponsors to just donate without giving anything in return. So, this year we will see which brands are generous to athletes.

    Hugo Boss has been a long-time sponsor in many sports including golf, football, motorsports, boxing and others.

    A big part of Hugo Boss's production is in sunglasses and eyeglasses. Many athletes use sunglasses to compete. Many spectators wear sunglasses to see the events. No matter in which role you experience certain sport, Hugo Boss can make it more comfortable and enjoyable.

    Take a look at Hugo Boss 2020 sunglasses collection.

    Hugo Boss Hugo HG1063 Hugo Boss Boss 1086S Hugo Boss Boss 1098S
    Hugo Boss Boss 1091S Hugo Boss Boss 1103FS Hugo Boss Boss 1090S
    Hugo Boss Boss 1078S Hugo Boss Boss 1077S Hugo Boss Hugo HG1036S

  • Giorgio Armani Label Is About Beauty and Comfort

    14 Jan 2019

    For Giorgio Armani, beauty should never come at the cost of comfort. His very meticulous picking of fabrics and very well studied tailoring is always done with the thought if it will be comfortable. Armani suits became so loved all over the world by men and women because of how they feel when you put them on.

    Giorgio Armani is a pioneer in so many ways. He was among the first to recognize that people styles are changing back in the 80s. His customers were shifting away from suits and formal wear and switching to jeans and casual style to go to work. Ladies were putting on pants and as time went by sweatshirts became a norm during the day. Instead of putting it all in one brand, Giorgio branched out his brand and created Emporio Armani and later Armani Jeans and Armani exchange. This strategy helped Armani to become the first ever designer to reach Forbes 500 Richest Man in the World. A fashion company has never been as successful as oil, financial or real estate. Giorgio Armani enjoyed success and continued to diversify to offer interior design and house products.
    Giorgio Armanii AR6078
    Giorgio Armani sunglasses AR6078

    Giorgio Armani AR8007
    Giorgio Armani sunglasses AR8007

    When it comes to eyewear, there is no other like Armani. Two major labels Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani are entertaining eyewear customers for over 20 years. Just like for clothing and shoes, comfort is a priority when designing Armani eyeglasses. The idea is also to make sure they work with many different styles and remain classic for at least ten years. To last that long, Armani glasses must be designed ahead of their time. By the time other brands catch up Armani glasses have been selling for 2-3 years. You always put your money in the right place when buying Armani glasses.

  • Extraordinary Glasses Designs From Marc Jacobs

    6 Sep 2017

    Marc JacobsMarc Jacobs is perhaps the most innovative American designer today. A winner of countless fashion awards, founder of the fastest growing American brand, human rights activist and Vogue's editor in chief Anna Wintour personal friend, Marc Jacobs is a huge success in the making. He attributes his own success to his talent in arts and business.

    He worked for Luis Vuitton for 7 years while creating his own brand in parallel. There are two brands actually Marc Jacobs and a diffusion line Marc by Marc. Marc Jacobs has signature style with cartoon like animals and animal elements. His cat and mouse shoes have now become classic and were an inspiration for many known designers. Marc Jacobs created his own style that is very American with use of pop art combined with French elements to give the brand upscale feel.

    Marc Jacobs is a brilliant business man. He understood very early that use of accessories could be an amazing marketing for his starting brand. Perfume Daisy was sold out world wide and when it was announced to be discontinued people swiped entire shelves going crazy for it. It was now reintroduced to the market.

    Marc Jacobs sunglasses and glasses follow the signature Marc Jacobs style. Use of metal buckles and cat ears make some styles recognisible and talked about around the world. Here are our favorite glasses styles:

    Marc Jacobs 1S sunglasses

    Marc Jacobs MARC 1S Sunglasses
    Marc Jacobs 16S sunglasses
    Marc Jacobs MARC 16 Sunglasses
    Marc Jacobs MARC 40 glasses

    Marc Jacobs MARC 40 Glasses
    Marc Jacobs MARC 12 glasses

    Marc Jacobs MARC 12 Glasses

  • Glasses Fashion at Oscars 2017

    27 Feb 2017

    Meryl Streep Oscar GlassesThis year was another delight in fashion. We see clear trend in designer dresses and man suits. Nude, yellow and gold colors were predominant, as well as long straight silhouettes with simplistic design. The chic of many dresses came from rich and expensive handmade embellishments. Oscars 2017 dresses looked more American then never before.

    Eyeglasses interestingly took a different direction. We saw many European designs in line with this year collections.

    Meryl Streep, a usual Oscar nominee, wore beautiful metal glasses frames that suited her face and were age appropriate.  Such frames were a good choice because they didn’t take away from her personality or the dress famously made by Ellie Saab. Get the look with VersaceVE1240, Tiffany TF1122B, and KliiK 585


  • Hugo Boss Sunglasses - a Perfect Christmas Gift for Men

    10 Dec 2016

    Hugo Boss Sunglasses for ChristmasEvery wife, girlfriend and partner will confirm that shopping for a Christmas gift for the beloved man is the hardest one from entire Christmas shopping list. Man can't tell what they want, don't know what they want and generally already have everything they need. It is silly to keep buying them parfumes or tenth pair of jeans. Shoes are hard too without trying and you can't get them a purse. Surely whatever you buy them, they will be happy or at least show the gratitude, but you, as their woman want to make them genuinely happy about their Christmas gift.

    Boss 0762

    This is where sunglasses come to the rescue. Many men, who can afford, have entire collections of sunglasses. They care less for clothing or shoes, but somehow, there can never be too many sunglasses in man's world. They love to have a pair for every occasion, for fishing and sports, for office, for driving and for biking. They all have one favorite pair of sunglasses too. So, ladies, don't bother breaking your legs shopping, there is still enough time to buy sunglasses as a gift.

    But hurry! You need to get your order shipped before end of this coming Friday Dec 16 to get it on time for Christmas.

    Also, given time shortage don't bother looking too much. We recommend Hugo Boss sunglasses for men's gift. Hugo Boss sunglasses are mostly made in traditional styles and are a good fit for men of all ages and professions. Hugo Boss sunglasses are offered in a wide choice to take the style into the casual and sport direction or opposite - to business and office.

    Have a look at the currently available Hugo Boss sunglasses as an idea for Christmas gift.

    Boss 0317

    Boss 0617S

    Boss 0494

  • Dolce & Gabbana Glasses Bridge Generations of Trends

    11 Nov 2016

    Dolce & Gabbana is one of the most famous Italian fashion brands. Today it’s one of the most sought after brands of clothing, shoes and eyeglasses because of the continuous fantasy that is put in every piece and every collection.

    The 2017 Fall Season as per Stephano Gabbana is about a girl who dreams to be a princess. Everything is possible through fashion. Modern princess is beautiful and definitely spoiled. Highly detailed dresses with floral, leather and rich button embellishments made the majority of the 2017 seasonal collection.

    Dolce Glasses DG4289

    Dolce & Gabbana glasses are for prince and princess that feel they can lead in the society by making brave fashion choices. How about eyeglasses in the shape of a cat head. No, those are not cat eye, those have ears and cat pattern. Or bright green sunglasses? A spoiled princess already has ton of black, brown or even red sunglasses. Now she wants green!

    Dolce Glasses DG6105

    Dolce & Gabbana is a luxurious brand that swings from classics to inventive to combining the two. This year it is couture in its best. The idea of beauty by Dolce & Gabbana will always be about silhouettes and details. A well tailored silhouette maxed out with details and combined with amazing hand craft is what makes their fashion stand out. Luxury does not forgive corner cutting.

    At Glasses Bazaar Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses are only from current collections and always at affordable prices. Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses in fact make a very good Christmas gift as their 2017 glasses are memorable, high quality and have very nice signature Dolce & Gabbana glasses case and cleaning cloth in leopard pattern.

  • Into 2016 With Customer Love

    7 Jan 2016

    GlassesBazaar has started a New Year with a good deed. We have reworked the design of our website to help our customers navigate through exciting world of designer eyewear easier and faster.

    We are looking forward to 2016 and have started to receive 2016 sunglasses from Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci, Hugo Boss and other popular brands.

    In 2016 GlassesBazaar is marking 6 years in business and we are so thrilled to have accumulated fans from all over the world.

    As far as unticipated eyeglasses trends for 2016 we predict that sunglasses will get even larger and even more eccentric for both men and women. Fashion designers work very hard to create a different, more exciting appeal around eyeglasses to differentiate from just eyeglasses and make their mark in fashion eyewear. We see that our customers are responding well to interesting designs and last year we shipped more of white sunglasses, mirror lens glasses and all kind of cool colors. GlassesBazaar is a good place for ultra-fashion eyewear because you can see entire choice on our website and discover eyeglasses by popular brands that are not easily found at typical eyeglasses stores.

  • Wear Carrera In Style

    1 Mar 2015

    Don't you wish summer will be here? Carrera has prepared for the season by releasing over 20 new models! And there are many styles to choose from. Starting from conservative simple metal sunglasses and ending with deisgner fashionware models that are worthy collectibles. 

    Carrera is the oldest sunglasses brand, founded by Wilhelm Anger in 1956. Wilhelm Anger was passionate about sunlgasses manufacturing technologies, style and quality. He invented Optyl, flexible acetate that is light and durable. It is used in all Carrera plastic sunglasses.

    Carrera has it's own style. Inspired by racing attire, oversized sunglasses are designed to protect the wearer from all angles. Carrera sunglasses have a red or yellow line embedded into the silhuette that give sunglasses a signature trim.

    2015 collection of Carrera sunglasses has a majority of it's models inspired by Carrera tradition. The 2015 trend does seem to get bigger, bolder and more square. Only high quality sunglasses will fit well because oversized frames are tricky to make. If they are not well balanced they will touch the cheeks. There is a lot of tricks to play to make sure the bridge is narrow enought to raise sunglasses on the face and not too narrow so they don't look funny. Carrera has 60 years of experience, you won't go wrong with professionals!

  • Two Days Left Before Christmas Delivery Deadline

    15 Dec 2014

    There are still 10 days before Christmas for shopping. But if you are bargain hunter and prefer to buy gifts on the Internet, you really only have two days left. Even the most efficient stores need 1-2 days to process the order. Mail takes 3-5 days. 

    The secret to shopping online is being decisive. Chances are you have never held the item you are buying in your hands. So there is a lot of guessing to do about quality, size or even colors. While picture is worth a thousand words, it still not always reflect the real items. Touching, feeling and seeing a real item can't be replaced with picture. But online shopping brings many benefits. Price is one of them of course. Selection is another big benefit of shopping online.

    When it comes to buying glasses or sunglasses online, any descent online optical store, such as GlassesBazaar for example has a selection 5-10 times larger than any retail store. If you are hunting for a brand name pair of glasses, chances are you have tried it before. Perhaps you even have one pair already, but looking for a replacement pair of a gift for your friend who has been complimenting you on these sunglasses so much. Why not buying him or her a same pair of sunglasses. This is what friends are for.

  • Versace Sunglasses Attract Big Buyers

    18 Jun 2014

    , an iconic fashion company is looking to raise some private money. It has been reported that Versace that is  currently fully controlled by Versace family - sister Donatella, niece Allegra and brother Santo, is looking to sell 20% of stake to raise necessary money to keep the brand in development.

    Versace sunglasses are one of the major accessory products that Versace is manufacturing along with bags, shoes and belts to accompany fashionable clothing. Very elaborate sunglasses designs with rather big Versace meduza logo have made a name a decade ago. Versace brand was among the first to start designing eyeglasses. Just to give you an idea, Tiffany & Co just started 5 years ago and Tom Ford just 4 years ago.

    When many companies are trying to compete in difficult market conditions by selling out the majority of stake via acquisitions or IPO, Versace prefers to keep private and control the company development.

  • 2014 a Year of Colorful Men Eyewear

    15 Apr 2014

    In the past few years men eyewear was seeing a style downtrend. Back to basics, back to retro. Black plastic frames were dominating the style chart. Perfectly round shapes were in last year. 2014 is in a full bloom with spring designs. And we are excited because color is a new thing among men glasses. 

    Color does not necessarily mean avant-garde or loud. In fact, this year's trend is into a color accent and a subtle colors in men glasses. Something men will be able to use for everyday wear - dark purple, navy, burgundy and color combinations with grey, black and a bright color of orange, red or green.

    Making a nice color combinations while keeping them wearable is not a trivial task. Designing of such glasses needs a lot of trial and error, discussions, arguments and ultimately risking. Some brands produced stunning glasses collections this year. Lightec, OGA, Nomad have done a remarkable job for men. Have a look at our favorites.

  • Most Fashionable Sochi Uniforms

    27 Jan 2014

    United States Sochi Team Uniform

    Who said that Olympic Games is only about sport? In our commercial world Olympics is also about fashion! We can't wait to see all the uniforms on the opening ceremony in Sochi that is only two weeks away. But we were very impatient and researched which team is the most fashionable. It's worth mentioning that it became a tradition for various big brands to compete for sponsorship of the uniform. In United States and Canada a label that wins a deal will supply the uniforms for free, and in addition will donate undisclosed amount of money to the Olympic fund. But in return the brand will gain incredible amount of free publicity and cash out on sales of uniforms to the public.

    United States Sochi Olympic team is dressed by Ralph Lauren. He was also a sponsor of London Olympic. This time all uniforms are made in the USA and even out of domestically sourced materials. If you want to have a sweater just like Shaun White, get ready to shell $495!

    Canadian Olympic team will be dressed by Hudson Bay for the n-th time. Bay has been official supplier of winter and summer Olympic teams for close to 100 years. Canadian uniforms are made in the traditional sport style. It's all about comfort for Canadians. Lose sweaters, wool coats and warm mittens in black, white and read colors will become your all time classics. Since Bay is a people's brand, the price tag for the uniform is more affordable than RL. Wool coat is $275, t-shirt $20 and mittens are only $10!

  • Essilor Named Most Innovative Company by Forbes Magazine

    24 Sep 2013

    Essilor lensesEssilor, world leading manufacturer and researcher in ophthalmic optics, was named 23rd most innovative company in the world. A powerful research lab of 500 staff is dedicated to finding best products for corrective vision. Highest quality prescription glasses are equipped with Essilor lenses. Essilor has world highest satisfaction rate for progressive lenses and most durable coatings for progressive and single vision lenses.

    Forbes rated Essilor, a famous corrective lenses manufacturer, as 2nd in France, 5th in Europe and 23rd most innovative in the world. 

    Essilor employs 48,700 people and reported close to $7 billon in revenues last year. Among other products are the manufacturing machinery for making glasses lenses, some range several millions in price. Main competitors are Nikon, Zeiss and other smaller optics researchers.

  • Gucci Shows Off Spring/Summer 2014 Collection at Milan Fashion Week

    28 Jun 2013

    Gucci 2014 MilanFrida Giannini, Gucci Designer-In-Chief, has showcased her latest collection at Milan fashion week. Her buddy James Franco was there to support her. And she definitely needed support as the men suits covered with florals were to make headlines the next morning. How many men will wear suits with printed flowers you may ask? James Franco for sure. He is a paid model, so he will have no choice. But who will follow? 

  • Justin Timberlake Looks Good in Tom Ford

    8 Feb 2013


    Justin Timberlake has tried himself in many creative areas: singing, dancing, acting, directing, entrepreneurship. But he is eager to try more. It has been announced by Tom Ford that Justin Timberlake will be co-designing men suits and accessories for Tom Ford brand.