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Wear Carrera In Style

1 March 2015

Don't you wish summer will be here? Carrera has prepared for the season by releasing over 20 new models! And there are many styles to choose from. Starting from conservative simple metal sunglasses and ending with deisgner fashionware models that are worthy collectibles. 

Carrera is the oldest sunglasses brand, founded by Wilhelm Anger in 1956. Wilhelm Anger was passionate about sunlgasses manufacturing technologies, style and quality. He invented Optyl, flexible acetate that is light and durable. It is used in all Carrera plastic sunglasses.

Carrera has it's own style. Inspired by racing attire, oversized sunglasses are designed to protect the wearer from all angles. Carrera sunglasses have a red or yellow line embedded into the silhuette that give sunglasses a signature trim.

2015 collection of Carrera sunglasses has a majority of it's models inspired by Carrera tradition. The 2015 trend does seem to get bigger, bolder and more square. Only high quality sunglasses will fit well because oversized frames are tricky to make. If they are not well balanced they will touch the cheeks. There is a lot of tricks to play to make sure the bridge is narrow enought to raise sunglasses on the face and not too narrow so they don't look funny. Carrera has 60 years of experience, you won't go wrong with professionals!