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Two Days Left Before Christmas Delivery Deadline

15 December 2014

There are still 10 days before Christmas for shopping. But if you are bargain hunter and prefer to buy gifts on the Internet, you really only have two days left. Even the most efficient stores need 1-2 days to process the order. Mail takes 3-5 days. 

The secret to shopping online is being decisive. Chances are you have never held the item you are buying in your hands. So there is a lot of guessing to do about quality, size or even colors. While picture is worth a thousand words, it still not always reflect the real items. Touching, feeling and seeing a real item can't be replaced with picture. But online shopping brings many benefits. Price is one of them of course. Selection is another big benefit of shopping online.

When it comes to buying glasses or sunglasses online, any descent online optical store, such as GlassesBazaar for example has a selection 5-10 times larger than any retail store. If you are hunting for a brand name pair of glasses, chances are you have tried it before. Perhaps you even have one pair already, but looking for a replacement pair of a gift for your friend who has been complimenting you on these sunglasses so much. Why not buying him or her a same pair of sunglasses. This is what friends are for.

To cover all your bases always read return policy. If worst come to worse and your gift is absolutely no fit, can you return or exchange it? Will you need to pay for shipping? How long do you have to return? 

Some sunglasses are safter to buy as gift than others. Size matters if you want to play safe. The smaller the lens by vertical measurement, the more likely glasses will fit. Also, metal frames tend to fit more people and are easier to adjust. Stay away from oversized and unusual sunglasses, unless of course, if this is what she wants!

Happy shopping! 

GlassesBazaar wishes all of you best Christmas ever!