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Hugo Boss Glasses for Big Winners

24 January 2022

2020 year will be exciting, at least for a reason that it will be the Olympic Games year. We are so looking forward to it. It's also a game-changing year for sponsors as it was recently ruled that athletes are now allowed to advertise and give credits to their sponsors. Historically, only official sponsors for the Games were mentioned. It is an important change because many athletes raise money for their own training by themselves and it is hard to convince sponsors to just donate without giving anything in return. So, this year we will see which brands are generous to athletes.

Hugo Boss has been a long-time sponsor in many sports including golf, football, motorsports, boxing and others.

A big part of Hugo Boss's production is in sunglasses and eyeglasses. Many athletes use sunglasses to compete. Many spectators wear sunglasses to see the events. No matter in which role you experience certain sport, Hugo Boss can make it more comfortable and enjoyable.

Take a look at Hugo Boss 2020 sunglasses collection.

Hugo Boss Hugo HG1063 Hugo Boss Boss 1086S Hugo Boss Boss 1098S
Hugo Boss Boss 1091S Hugo Boss Boss 1103FS Hugo Boss Boss 1090S
Hugo Boss Boss 1078S Hugo Boss Boss 1077S Hugo Boss Hugo HG1036S