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Giorgio Armani Label Is About Beauty and Comfort

14 January 2019

For Giorgio Armani, beauty should never come at the cost of comfort. His very meticulous picking of fabrics and very well studied tailoring is always done with the thought if it will be comfortable. Armani suits became so loved all over the world by men and women because of how they feel when you put them on.

Giorgio Armani is a pioneer in so many ways. He was among the first to recognize that people styles are changing back in the 80s. His customers were shifting away from suits and formal wear and switching to jeans and casual style to go to work. Ladies were putting on pants and as time went by sweatshirts became a norm during the day. Instead of putting it all in one brand, Giorgio branched out his brand and created Emporio Armani and later Armani Jeans and Armani exchange. This strategy helped Armani to become the first ever designer to reach Forbes 500 Richest Man in the World. A fashion company has never been as successful as oil, financial or real estate. Giorgio Armani enjoyed success and continued to diversify to offer interior design and house products.
Giorgio Armanii AR6078
Giorgio Armani sunglasses AR6078

Giorgio Armani AR8007
Giorgio Armani sunglasses AR8007

When it comes to eyewear, there is no other like Armani. Two major labels Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani are entertaining eyewear customers for over 20 years. Just like for clothing and shoes, comfort is a priority when designing Armani eyeglasses. The idea is also to make sure they work with many different styles and remain classic for at least ten years. To last that long, Armani glasses must be designed ahead of their time. By the time other brands catch up Armani glasses have been selling for 2-3 years. You always put your money in the right place when buying Armani glasses.