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Versace Sunglasses Attract Big Buyers

18 June 2014

, an iconic fashion company is looking to raise some private money. It has been reported that Versace that is  currently fully controlled by Versace family - sister Donatella, niece Allegra and brother Santo, is looking to sell 20% of stake to raise necessary money to keep the brand in development.

Versace sunglasses are one of the major accessory products that Versace is manufacturing along with bags, shoes and belts to accompany fashionable clothing. Very elaborate sunglasses designs with rather big Versace meduza logo have made a name a decade ago. Versace brand was among the first to start designing eyeglasses. Just to give you an idea, Tiffany & Co just started 5 years ago and Tom Ford just 4 years ago.

When many companies are trying to compete in difficult market conditions by selling out the majority of stake via acquisitions or IPO, Versace prefers to keep private and control the company development.

This is definitely what Gianni Versace would have wanted when he created a company some 30 years ago. He always saw his niece Allegra as the heir and future businesswoman, he loved her more than anyone. Donatella stood strong through incredible hardships after brother's murder to allow her niece take over successful and not lingering business. 

Versace sunglasses are produced in extremely limited numbers and only add a few new models each year. This is in contrary to Prada sunglasses that increased over 30 new models this year. Versace sell out may mean more growth for glasses and eyeglasses, perhaps in more fashionable and youth markets, which was lacking in the past.